leadership development.
To help leaders scale enduring organizations that further the world we collectively live in. Because organizations impact our shared future.
Your time is worth more than getting caught up in the details.
Feeling overwhelmed is exhausting. 
Don't allow hard conversations to intimidate you.
You were made to have an impact.  




You know more than us about your organization, your budgets and your industry. 

Let us show you how to earn the trust, gain the respect and unlock the genius of your team. 




Empower others

Help your employees improve performance and create results. 

Learn to communicate clear expectations, constructive feedback, and positive reinforcement. 

Create a work space worth waking up for

Put an end to gossip and complaints. Create an environment where your team trusts you; where employees feel valued and where customers leave wanting to come back. 

Become a leader that makes a difference

Inspire and do great things.

You don't need to have all the answers to be a successful and confident leader. 

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This is not for everyone

Our magic only works if you do your part.

You show up open to share and open to hear.

You accept that there are things to improve.

You are ready to hear feedback, even when it's uncomfortable. 


We work with you to identify what areas of leadership development you need most and how to best to suit your needs. Whether its online or in person we always make sure to offer development that is engaging, makes it an experience and creates long lasting results. 

Training & Development

Just like athletes, leadership development requires continuous practice and training in order to perform at your best on game days. This is why we offer monthly and yearly membership options to continue developing what you are working on.

Continued Growth

Depending on your needs you might need someone to help keep you on track or get you back on track. That might be reviewing your hiring strategy, your performance reviews or develop tools that can help you strategize your marketing plan and business vision and goals. We become your “non-biased” second set of eyes or ears with the objective to show you what you might not be seeing in order to succeed. 

Strategy, Management or Consulting 


Michael Lederman, Real Estate Agent 

Sophie impressed me with her thoughtful and sharp mind and intellect based on formal education and working with reputable institutions . She now caters to more personalized niche markets of small to medium sized players and brings her expertise in a very useful helpful and practical way. 

Josee Clement, Store  Manager - lululemon

I loved Sophie’s coaching. She explains well with clear directives! Thanks to her, I entered a new role and new responsibilities with no surprise. I was ready and skilled. Sophie also took the time needed to guide me, explain and propose positives changes to implement in my life in order to be a better leader for my team. In my life, I have rarely started a new job with a new team with so much confidence.

Patrick Bourgon, Football Coach - Ottawa Reblacks

“I enjoy working with Sophie. With her knowledge and guidance, I’ve grown and developed skills that benefit me not only with my work, but also in my everyday life. Working with Sophie makes me a better coach and a better person.”


Sophie Abboud

Tel: 613.854.2506​​​


Ottawa, Ontario

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