"Lead from the back and let others believe they are in the front." - Nelson Mandela

This is the part where we tell you a story, talk about something inspiring, or risk losing your attention (yikes!). Let's hope for the first option and see where this journey takes us ;)

Sophie Abboud did not fall into this career. Mindful Business Leadership is the result of 10+ years spent pursuing business management roles, a master’s degree, independent travel and yoga and meditation training. It’s what she created when the life she led (circa 2018) was not fulfilling her passion for personal development. 


Picture this: Sophie held a senior management position at lululemon with a great salary, owned a beautiful house in a nice neighbourhood and had wonderful people in my life (even a dog!)... She was traditionally successful on all accounts, but her fulfillment was short lived. She had gotten caught up in chasing goals that had no long-term impact on my happiness or others, so she returned to the drawing board to plot her move into a passion-driven career. 


In hindsight, she initially found inspiration in personal development when traveling solo for seven months in South America. It’s amazing how traveling alone can force you to face yourself and deal with your most ignored thoughts and emotions. Upon her return, she was motivated by the desire to do something that was in stewardship of the earth, so she earned her master’s degree in sustainability and got a job with lululemon. They upheld values she believed in and within six years she moved from an entry-level position to senior management.


She likes to say lululemon gave her a business degree in leadership over the years. Working there required a deep commitment to integrity and constant personal development practice, which in large, is why lululemon’s company culture is world renowned. She gained hands-on insight into what successful (and not so successful) leadership looks like and learned specific training methods to help her team thrive. Through a business lens, she understood how strong leadership skills improve employee engagement, retention and of course, SALES. It’s integral to creating a solutions oriented work environment and bringing a business vision to life. 


The more she understood that the long lasting success of a business is entirely dependent on its people, the more obsessed she became with helping people become the leaders they want to be. 


Eventually, she took the leap into entrepreneurship and made it her mission to teach people how to communicate authentically and mindfully in order to better themselves, their businesses and communities. Motivated by her passion for personal development and love for true leadership, Mindful Business Leadership was born. It has now been 2 years and Sophie has now joined forces with other partners to better the offering and services of mindful business leadership


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  • Resilient Mind Consultant and Facilitator

  • Business and Administration's degree - HEC Montreal. 

  • Master's Degree in Sustainability - University of the Arts in London. 

  • 6 years of experience and management with lululemon 

  • Yoga Teacher and Leadership Training 200h - Monterrey, California

  • Communication and leadership: Landmark Forum, Landmark Advanced and Self-Expression and Leadership Program graduate - Toronto and Montreal.

Fun Facts About Sophie: 

Sophie Abboud

Tel: 613.854.2506​​​


Ottawa, Ontario

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