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Ottawa, Ontario

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" If you have the misconception that your life will be perfect, you will always be shocked by its up and down nature. If you expect your life to be up and down, your mind will be much more peaceful" -  Tibetan Buddhist Lama Yeshe.

This is the part where I tell you a story, talk about something that will inspire you, or risk losing your attention.  Let's hope for the first option and see where this journey takes us! 

Traveling inspired my journey towards personal development -and I did a lot of it. After graduating from business school I travelled solo for seven months in South America. During that time I discovered how being alone gets you to face yourself and deal with the feelings, thoughts and emotions you always tend to ignore. Once I decided to return to  "society", I pursued my masters degree in sustainability, motivated by the desire to at least do something that was in stewardship of the earth. Thereafter, I found a great company to work for that had values that I believed in - lululemon athletica. I stayed with the company for six years, moving from entry-level position to senior management, and was by all accounts successful: I had the impressive salary, bought a beautiful house, lived in a sweet neighbourhood, had great friends, a perfect lover and even a dog! I pretty much had it all....yet I was still not feeling fulfilled or happy? 

I had got caught up in the race of wanting things and striving for goals that didn't really have a long lasting impact. It took me a long time to figure out what I was really passionate about, even though it followed me everywhere I went: I simply am obsessed in contributing to people's happiness through helping them find their true voice and be the leaders they want to be! I like to say that lululemon gave me a business degree in leadership over the years, and without their support I would not be where I am today. 


My goal is to support people in learning how to communicate authentically and mindfully in order to better themselves, the people around them, and their businesses and communities. 


What I love about business is it is not an independent entity. It is entirely dependent on its people yet at the same time, the people are not the business itself. They are also dependent on many different parts and things; they are dependent on their personal lives, their financial situation, their house, their dreams, their goals, their emotions, their skill set. The people nor the business are independent. Business and people are fully interdependent on one another. So if one works on developing themselves as a leader as well as developing those around them by default this will benefit the business as a whole.  Once we develop that curiosity to better understand ourselves, our people, and how people's happiness affects the success of the business, then the sky is the limit. From here you can resolve any difficult conversation, overcome any problem, cultivate a positive attitude, strive to be solutions-focused and find people that want to work WITH you to make your vision come to life.


As Nelson Mandela once said "lead from the back and let others believe they are in the front". Your people will lead the success of your business.


Voila! My passion for mindfulness; business and leadership, and practicing awareness of oneself and others has pushed me to take a leap of faith and start my business in sharing my knowledge, coaching, and consulting in the hope of supporting you in leading yourself and your team to find success and happiness within your business. 

Fun Facts
  • I spent 20 days in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Nepal. 

  • I spent a week in New Zealand with the indigenous community of Waitaha. 

  • I just got my motorcycle a dream/goal I've been wanting for more than 10 years! 

  • I speak French, English and Spanish (almost fluently)

  • I've been on a PodCast: "Practicing Awareness and Owning Your Story with Sophie Abboud" by leading and being. Check it out here


  • Business and Administration's degree - HEC Montreal. 

  • Master's Degree in Sustainability - University of the Arts in London. 

  • 6 years of experience and management with lululemon 

  • Yoga Teacher and Leadership Training 200h - Monterrey, California

  • Communication and leadership: Landmark Forum, Landmark Advanced and Self-Expression and Leadership Program graduate - Toronto and Montreal.