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"Lead from the back and let others believe they are in the front." - Nelson Mandela

Sophie Abboud is a company that helps people build the skills they need to become great leaders, managers and teammates. Sophie Abboud, the CEO and founder is an entrepreneur, a yoga and meditation teacher and was a leader for many years at the global retail brand lululemon. Her company’s unique approach at combining leadership and mindfulness is what has attracted companies and individuals in various fields of construction, mental health, fitness, real estate and hospitality.  

Sophie's team consistently partners and collaborates with experts in the field to offer clients the high quality leadership training and experiences they expect.


Sophie has publicly spoken on the topics of communication and leadership at the Gem Conference hosting 200 entrepreneurs in 2019. She has been interviewed several times in English and in French on the topics of leadership and meditation (scroll down to check out more).


Sophie sought personal development through traveling the world, studied Buddhism and has participated in various Tibetan Buddhist retreats in silence. She spends her spare time with her loved ones specifically her new dog Eska, serves her community by offering free meditation classes, business mentoring and sits on the board of Women Moving Forward Conference in Ottawa.

Sophie and her business are dedicated in helping people eliminate un-happiness in the workplace because better people make better organisations, which further impacts the world we collectively live in.


Your turn! If you’d like to share your story and see how we can help you and your leadership, please connect with us by booking some time with us here!  



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