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How can we lean into uncertainty? How can we best serve ourselves as leaders and our organization? The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted individual lives and level of uncertainty and anxiety has escalated to new heights. We want to support you as leaders, and your teams as you navigate this period and MBL has raised the bar in what we are offering you. We have built this platform to help you. 

Here is a wealth of links and free ressources you can use yourself or share with your teams when it comes to working from home, parenting from home, mindfulness and resiliency.


You might not have all the answers when it comes to HR or the next business decision. We are here to listen and guide you. Don't waste more time. You don't have to be alone.


You and your teams are at home. This is the perfect time to jump on our webinars to boost resiliency, leadership and develop coping mechanisms for these uncertain times. This can also keep your teams engaged and let them know you are still invested in them.



There is a lot of free information out there. It's important to protect what you feed your mind with in order to not get confused. We are doing our best to provide you with the most relevant information. 

SparkCreation has a wealth of documents, articles and fascinating videos that can provide some insight in working with remote teams and leadership. 


Lifespeak Blog is a top Canadian Wellbeing platform for workplace and parenting amidst the new circumstances. We recommend it for understanding the importance of your wellbeing with finding the right balance with work and having young children at home.


As consultants from The Resilient Mind, when it comes to resilience this platform has all the science based information you need. 


Yoga and meditation are practices that can increase creativity, trust, patience and calm. You can find weekly guided meditations through our website. For yoga and other platforms we like to use see bellow. 



MINdful. business.


Support for leaders. Support for your teams.




Communication Strategy Call

If your business is completely CLOSED for an indefinite time, we can understand that you might not know what the next steps look like. We can work with you at putting a communication strategy together to best suit your business and team needs. Increasing engagement with your team will make them feel valued in a trying time.

HR Consulting Call

In regards to supporting your team members, additional check-in’s will be required to ensure connection, support engagement and create new team norms. We can consult with you how best to apply these measures. 

Business Leadership Call

All your previous experience and knowledge will be what helps you guide your business and teams through uncertainty. A business leadership call will support you with decision-making and strategy.  

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Webinars and Trainings

Everything is impacted when it comes to a global pandemic and we are learning together how to manage. There is a ripple affect this will have on your leadership and the new challenges of teams working from home.

In times of uncertainty you want to provide certainty, you want to help your people regain control and continue giving them the support they need. 

You will find here a series of webinars and trainings that can help you shift your communication and leadership to staying focused on the important and on whats positive. 

$0 - $49


Covid-19 offer :

$695 payable in a year


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