We Tailor Development for Optimal Leadership

Wether you are an individual, a team or an organisation we believe that business leaders are in the best position to know their industry, their budgets and operations. We train and coach you on the soft skills  that can get them to perform at higher levels. 
Yoga at Home

Studio Vie Active


The owner of this yoga studio reached out to us in need of support to lead her business and people with a heavier human resource lens.


Phase 1 : Training and Development 

To build a foundation of soft skills that are crucial in managing people such as: 

  • taking ownership

  • leading with integrity

  • being present

  • open-mindedness

  • leading hard conversation

Phase 2:  Management and Strategy

To support during Covid-19 pandemic, and support in creating a strategy for a strong pipeline of employees, to save cost and time.



The owners of this spinning studio approached us with the goal to offer training and development to their managers. We identified that the management team needed a leadership foundation to work with in order to address competing priorities, managing various personality types, increasing confidence and agility.  


Training and Development 

We  built a 6 week interactive in person training combined with support and coaching calls in between training sessions. The managers did a leadership assessment to identify their strengths and opportunities, created a leadership development plan and worked on developing the following: 

  • Understanding the difference between self-leadership and leading others. 

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence skills

  • Delivering a difficult conversation.

  • Understanding the difference between, coaching, training and feedback.

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Maison Chicoine Homes


MCH, a building contractor, reached out to us in need of leadership training and development. They identified gaps in communication at all levels of management that impacted the efficiency and productivity of their work.  


Training and Development & Coaching

We developed an in-person leadership training program over a period of 1 month to increase communication skills. We also worked with the executive team through coaching and consulting to work in order to help convey concise and transparent meetings and performance reviews. The topics covered were: 

  • taking ownership

  • integrity

  • being present

  • open-mindedness 

  • mindful communication framework


100% very satisfied

Training was described as "unique" and "useful"

100% said it was a high quality training  and gave them tools to develop their leadership and their teams leadership.

100% said it helped them develop their self-awareness and communication skills

—  Wheelhouse, Management Team

"My main takeaway was how to structure your conversation. I taught it was really interesting to learn how you can pre-build a conversation. Especially the ones that can be a bit difficult. How to live in the present. Being able to clear your head before tackling your objectives."

—  MCH, Office Team Manager

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Business LEADERS are made not born. Get practicing!

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