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A Speech on Courage

COURAGE - is a big word

Courage is what helps you build strengths instead of weaknesses.

Courage makes you create change instead of complaints.

Courage gives you direction instead of confusion.

COURAGE is what gets me out of bed at 5am when I don’t feel like it.

It is what got me out of that 5 year relationship that I thought was perfect.

Out of that life that we become complacent to.

I thought I had it all the house, the secured income, the “perfect” lover. How could I NOT be happy? I was ungrateful not to be!

Until you wake up one morning and realize that all of it was to “look good”.

All of it looked perfect on the outside. Yet on the inside I had completely lost myself.

How many of you out there:

Ever feel lost?

Ever feel confused?

Have a job they are bored at?

Are in a relationship that they are not happy in?

What else are you doing that is not making you HAPPY!

We are surrounded by people, by media, by environments that tell us what to do.

What is the right thing to do. What the right job is, the best car, the best place to go to, the best clothes to wear, the best people to hang out with.

We let ourselves be influenced by what others think.

“What will I look like?”, “will my partner approve,?” “will my parents agree?”, “what will my boss think?”.

WHO CARES! The only person you need approval from is YOU.

It takes COURAGE to be different!

It takes COURAGE to say NO

You will face people that will make you DOUBT.

People will make you change your mind. Your goals. Your life.

People will look at you and judge. People will want what you have and be jealous.

Don’t live the life others want you to live. LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.

If you turn to courage when you are depressed YOU will get moving.

If you turn to courage when you don’t feel motivated you will get out of bed.

If you turn to courage when you feel hurt you will surround yourself with people that uplift you.

I lost my courage and along with that I lost my confidence, my voice, my self esteem, my happiness.

COURAGE helped me say goodbye to the one I loved.

COURAGE supported me in saying "I quite”.

COURAGE starts my day at 5am to meditate.

COURAGE helped me build a business.

Remember there is no shame in being different.

When YOU live a life full of purpose and happiness YOU stop thinking about yourself.

When you stop thinking about yourself you are capable of thinking about others.

And by default you help, inspire and influence others to find happiness.

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