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Choosing Facts Over Fear

How is it that people with the same reality feel completely different from one another? Some are stressed while others are at peace—some view the virus as a debilitating crisis while others are seeing the opportunity to pause and pivot. ⁠

⁠Here's one BIG part of the answer: ⁠

⁠💡 Your experience of anything is completely dependent on your perception, and your perception is a c h o i c e. 💡⁠

⁠Sometimes it's as simple as saying "I choose to look at this as a positive thing" and you do. But let's be real... a genuine change in perception often requires a little more inward contemplation to truly believe it and act on it. ⁠

Before #covid19, there were plenty of reasons to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Some people let it feel debilitating, while others in the same boat took action to pick their perception and reframe their experiences.⁠

⁠The key is making it a habit to question your own thoughts and experiences. Making self-inquiry a practice will lead to greater clarity, opening the door to new views and opportunities.⁠

👆 THIS 👆 is why I include foundational Buddhist concepts such as compassion and impermanence in my leadership development coaching and courses. Teachings in Buddhism offer an empirical insight on the nature of consciousness and help us enhance our understanding of reality and distinguishing facts from fear. Ultimately, it allows us to make better decisions about and for the people (ourselves included) who run our business. ⁠

↠ How are you perceiving things lately? DM me or comment below if you'd like to chat more on self-inquiry, Buddhism or leadership! Always happy to listen and share.⁠

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