Leadership development should be about creating a memorable experience, accessible and relatable for you and your teams. This is exactly what I love to give away. Wether you are a mid-level manager, have been in your role for years or leading a brand new team/project, this course will give you the foundation to put yourself in others shoes, find your voice to give people feedback authentically so they can trust and rely on you. Oh! Let's not forget the best part; you will create a work environment that is worth waking up for! 


The Mindful Leadership Training 1.0

This in person 6 week course is designed for leaders that want to build a development plan, understand the foundation to be a leader that communicates clearly, supports and develops its team consistently, and creates a work environment worth working in! 

You will learn:

  • the 9 mindful leadership principles to help master leading yourself and others daily

  • tips and tools to manage your emotions, stress and daily challenges 

  • the power of resiliency in leadership

  • how to communicate with clarity and intention 


  • Onboarding call

  • 3 group calls (option for replay recording)

  • 3h workshop style sessions every 2 weeks (3 in total)

  • Leadership assessment

  • Development Plan

  • Printed Material

$795.00 + tax per person


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100% very satisfied

Training was described as "unique" and "useful"

100% said it was a high quality training  and gave them tools to develop their leadership and their teams leadership.

100% said it helped them develop their self-awareness and communication skills

- Wheelhouse Cycle Management Team

Health & Wellness


"The 'highlight'  in this training for me was the exercise about structuring a delicate/important/confrontational conversation in a more effective way. It made me see the importance of preparing such conversations so that it is received by the other person in the best way possible." - MCH Office Team Member

"My main takeaway was how to structure your conversation. I taught it was really interesting to learn how you can pre-build a converation. Especially the ones that can be a bit difficult. How to live in the present. Being able to clear your head before tackling your objectives." - MCH Office Team Member 



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