Workshops & Webinars

Designed to foster self-reflection and leadership development

In collaboration with HR specialist Amber Branny, we put together spaces for individuals and teams to feel comfortable in expressing their point of views and contributions to various leadership principles.  

Webinar Topics

Development in our eyes is a gift you can offer to yourself and to your teams. We offer 1h-2h engaging webinars and workshops on demand.

Here are examples of topics we can bring to you and your team:

  • leading with compassion

  • Building resiliency for you and your team 

  • Effective communication

  • Lead and work remotely

P.S: we also offer customized options depending on your needs!

Upcoming Webinars
Lead & Communicate Remotely
Building Resiliency for You and Your Team II
Leading with Compassion
Effective Communication in Crisis
Money Talks II