Yoga & Meditation

That helps us put in practice mindfulness, breath and movement

In  these times of uncertainty our practice can be a source of relief and a stress free space. Let's clear our minds and bodies together.
While you select your practice bellow you will have the option to contribute or attend the practice for free. 
Chaque Mercredi 4.30pm EST
Flow Yoga
Continuons à pratiquer ensemble en ligne
Wed, Apr 29
Instagram Live
Join me every Tuesday 9am EST on a 15-30min meditation to clear your mind

Stress is reduced by clarity. 

Clarity is increased by awareness.

Awareness is a result of practicing meditation. 

Do you feel distracted throughout your day by social media, calls, emails, texts? Practicing mindfulness is developing the skill to stay focused and aware. 


Get  a guided 15min meditation (French and English)  

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Business LEADERS are made not born. Get practicing!

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