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Yoga & Meditation

That helps us put in practice mindfulness, breath and movement

In  these times of uncertainty our practice can be a source of relief and a stress free space. Let's clear our minds and bodies together.
While you select your practice bellow you will have the option to contribute or attend the practice for free. 
  • Flow Yoga
    Flow Yoga
    Chaque Mercredi 4.30pm EST
    Chaque Mercredi 4.30pm EST
    Continuons à pratiquer ensemble en ligne
  • Meditation
    Wed, Apr 29
    Instagram Live
    Apr 29, 2020, 9:00 a.m.
    Instagram Live
    Join me every Tuesday 9am EST on a 15-30min meditation to clear your mind

Stress is reduced by clarity. 

Clarity is increased by awareness.

Awareness is a result of practicing meditation. 

Do you feel distracted throughout your day by social media, calls, emails, texts? Practicing mindfulness is developing the skill to stay focused and aware. 


Get  a guided 15min meditation (French and English)  

Meditation album
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